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Breweries, Beer Halls, and Bars by Studio Luz

By Isabella DeLeo

Breweries, beer halls, bars – they’re not just spaces where we can unwind and celebrate with friends and loved ones after a long week (although that too, of course!). They can offer up surprising connections and conversations. And in the case of Harpoon Brewery at Logan Airport and Little Harpeth Brewing Company, two Studio Luz renovation projects currently undergoing an exciting design process, these places can also provide groundedness and architectural ingenuity, while also capturing the particular character and atmospheric pulse of local residents. With these two projects, Studio Luz is endeavoring to bring forth the identity of Harpoon Brewery and Little Harpeth, in addition to staying faithful to the vibrant culture and people.


Studio Luz first partnered with Harpoon Brewery when our team designed the company’s Seaport-based beer hall and visitor center in 2013. And now, Studio Luz is thrilled to be collaborating with the brewery again in this effort to bring a sense of rootedness to Boston Logan Airport through this new beer hall, a type of institution with a storied history that Studio Luz is happy to be bringing to life. In terms of design, Studio Luz placed an emphasis on woodworking, adding a casual and comfortable elegance to the beer hall. As many of us know, airports can sometimes feel like a “non-place,” an intermediary, liminal space with travelers rushing along, their minds caught between gates, carrying heavy bags and holding on to dreams of their next destination. But Harpoon Brewery at Boston Logan Airport is a firmly planted space, a respite that both reflects the environment of Boston while also serving as a vibrant space separated from the business of the airport.

For Little Harpeth Brewing, located inside the Nashville International Airport, Studio Luz embraced a more ready-made approach. The beer hall is located inside of the company’s warehouse, where our team of designers incorporated elements of the warehouse’s structure into the design of the beer hall, including using pallet racking as a design element, showcasing the skeleton of the building as a design concept. Everything in the building has a purpose. Studio Luz incorporated a festive light scheme to add to the hall’s celebratory atmosphere, as there are plans to host local musicians and bands once renovations are complete and the hall is open – and our team made sure that all seating arrangements can be rearranged so as to accommodate musical guests.

Not only has Studio Luz joyfully embraced these collaborations with Harpoon Brewery and Little Harpeth, but our team has been inspired as of late by the community-centric and joyful atmosphere that breweries like these tend to create. As such, Studio Luz has been holding after-work get-togethers at local breweries to celebrate employees and to foster conversations and connections beyond the traditional office environment: creating opportunities to get to know colleagues on a deeper level. Some of these local breweries include Dorchester Brewing Company, and Distraction Brewery. Studio Luz, alongside Harpoon Brewery and Little Harpeth, encourage you to savor your craft beer in an innovative, community-centered space.
Studio Luz Team enjoying food and drinks at Dorchester Brewery

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