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Bridging Aesthetics and CrossFit Athletics with NOBULL

By funkhaus

NOBULL pushes beyond the traditional boundaries of an athletic brand to build an experience based on the principles of hard work and dedication. Matching their energy, Studio Luz Architects entered the competitive process to design the brand’s new Headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, weaving elements of community, retail, and commercial spaces to create a total fitness ecosystem.

“The team at NOBULL knew us for the high quality of our work” said Studio Luz Principal Architect Anthony Piermarini when speaking on how this partnership began, “but more importantly there was a great synergy between our team and theirs. We understood their vision and how to execute it.” The massive headquarters of 96,000 square feet will be the largest project – in terms of square footage – Studio Luz has designed. The structure will not only encompass a large retail store where customers can buy their favorite NOBULL products, but office spaces, a town hall, media production studios, an indoor track, and other athletic facilities on premise. Melding Studio Luz Architects’ specialties in community based projects and beautiful retail and commercial design, the headquarters plays to our strengths while allowing us to explore new creative opportunities in the world of fitness which was a previously untouched territory for the studio.

Drawn in by our previous work on Harpoon Brewery & Beer Hall at the Seaport District in Boston, NOBULL appreciated our style and knew it would translate well into their brand’s ethos. “They appreciate the design process and allow us to lead creatively” said Paul Dahlke, Designer and Project Manager at Studio Luz , “we have been leading design proposals while taking constructive feedback from their team.” This strong and collaborative relationship has opened doors to working with the company on other projects as well. “NOBULL is now including us in many of their new projects” noted Studio Luz Designer Ignacio Lopez, “we are working with them to design their retail space, have consulted on the design for the Crossfit Games and looking forward to exploring other locations across the country as they expand.” 

Our partnership with NOBULL has served as an experience of growth for both teams as we tackle new and exciting challenges along the way. We are looking forward to our continued NOBULL collaboration and the opening of what will be a distinctive and inimitable  headquarters.

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