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Municipality Websites As A Tool For Transparency

Sophie Nahrmann explains the many benefits these sites offer for information exchange and transparency....

A New Framework For Doing Business: 4 Steps To Creating Shared Spaces

We’ve outlined 4 elements you should consider when planning the usage of a shared space and have created a framework from which tenants can develop their own plans for efficient and effective space sharing....

From Brockton To Revere: Studio Luz Re-Imagines The Commercial Street Corridor

If we are to vitalize businesses and organizations, increase housing accessibility, and provide support to communities, it’s essential that we get creative with how to enhance the walkability to the downtown areas, provide shared space...

Spotlight on: Studio Luz’s Effort to Combat Climate Change and Promote Environmental Justice

December can be a month of celebrating. And amid the holiday gatherings, the month can also be a time to rest, recharge and look forward to what’s in store for the year ahead....

Creating Equitable Development: Blue Hill Avenue Action Plan B3 and B4 Development Proposals

After almost a year of organizing, gathering community input, and strategizing, the Blue Hill Avenue Action Plan is well under way. In December of 2021, the Public Facilities Department (PFD) and the Mayor’s Office of...

BR+A+CE: Creating Community Spaces and Opportunities

Mission Rock

Mission Rock Competition


Dewitt Playground Renovation