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Paul Dahlke On The Future Of Affordable Housing In Boston

We spoke with Studio Luz Design Lead and Senior Project Manager Paul Dahlke about his hopes for addressing cost of living issues in Boston....

Anthony Piermarini on Urban Transformation in Boston

From capitalism to climate change, there are numerous factors that affect the growth and transformation of urban areas and by extension, the communities that live in them. ...

Designing for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Educational Institutions

Architecture and design have the potential to push towards true equity, and at Studio Luz, we believe we are responsible as a company for exploring those possibilities when working on projects for academic spaces, where...

Spotlight on: Studio Luz’s Effort to Combat Climate Change and Promote Environmental Justice

December can be a month of celebrating. And amid the holiday gatherings, the month can also be a time to rest, recharge and look forward to what’s in store for the year ahead. ...

Creating Equity and Opportunity Through Intention

At Studio Luz, we center our work on cultivating community and working towards more equity, sustainability and inclusivity in the built environment....

Cultivating Community from the Inside, Out

Applying Lessons from the Classroom to Reshaping Our Cities

An Inside Look from Studio Luz Interns

BSA Spotlight on Anthony Piermarini