Studio Luz Architecture and Urban Design

Ethics And

Studio Luz believes architecture can be – and should be – used as a tool to confront inequity in the built environment. Much of our design process is driven by a series of questions: How will this contribute to a person’s experience of place? What can this do to better the community or the environment? How does architecture become an agent for affirming and reinforcing social interactions?
Hansy and Anthony are also co-founders of BR+A+CE: Building Research+Architecture+Community Exchange, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit founded by artists and designers to create new community spaces that engage social, economic, and cultural issues facing communities around the world.

Sustainable Design

Our design ideas are embedded with energy efficient principles. From the orientation of building masses and innovative building technologies, to the incorporation of carbon-friendly or carbon-neutral materials, we take advantage of both passive and active systems to build for a sustainable future.

Collective Enterprise

We understand that architecture is a collective enterprise that involves many stakeholders, from the client, and the building contractor, to the residents in the surrounding community.

Improving Equity in Design

We strive for social justice in the built environment. Our design process demonstrates that architecture can provide a voice for underrepresented members of the community through an economy of means and sustainable materials.