Studio Luz Architecture and Urban Design

Anthony Piermarini

Principal + Co-Founder, AIA, CPHD

AIA & Certified Passive House Designer

Anthony is a registered architect in Massachusetts, a Certified Passive House Designer and a recipient of the National AIA Young Architects Award.

Cultural Design Philosophy

With a design philosophy sensitive to the specific culture and climate in which architecture operates, Anthony guides clients through the design process to help realize each project’s goals.

Professor of Architecture

As Associate Professor of Architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Anthony’s academic interests are at the intersection of social justice, media of representation, design research, and built material expression at any scale.

For Anthony, design is a process of decision making guided by principled creativity. As a licensed architect, his approach is founded in a strong ethical obligation to improve the built environment. Through collaboration, teaching, mentorship, and design explorations he is invested in long term creation of a more equitable approach to architectural practice. He enjoys how buildings can honor cultural traditions in new ways and is always fascinated by their impact on the community. Anthony has over 20 years of design and construction experience in new construction and renovation for institutional, commercial and residential clients. As co-founder of Studio Luz, Anthony has played a leading role on many aspects of the practice.

As Associate Professor of Architecture at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, his academic interests lie in the intersection of social justice, the media of representation, design research and built material expression. Anthony is currently serving as Wentworth’s Design School Representative to the Boston Society of Architects’ Design School Consortium consulting to the BSA/AIA Board of Directors and the Development Advisory Committee for the Woodbourne Neighborhood Association.

Anthony is a graduate of Cornell University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. In his free time, he can be found on the sidelines cheering his kids on in their various creative and athletic adventures.