Studio Luz Architecture and Urban Design

69 Church Street

Bay Village, Boston, MA

Mixed Use: 5 residential units over a commercial space.
Completion: Under construction, 2020

Project Overview

This historic renovation and new vertical addition establishes an architectural dialogue between the original design of a 1920’s film warehouse and modern redevelopments in the neighborhood.


TCR Developments
JB Ventures

Architect of Record

Studio Luz Architects

Code Consultant

AKF Group

Civil Engineer

BSC Group

Mechanical, Electrical &
Plumbing Engineer

Allied Consulting Engineering Services

Structural Engineer

R&G Associates

General Contractor

EWP Enterprises



Archival research provided original design and construction drawings, as well as photographs of the building’s use over time. These materials contributed to the spirit of the redesign and development.



The historic building features two conjoined structures: a street-level commercial space and an upper-level warehouse. Two new stories are being added to accommodate five new residential units.



The project reconstructs old designs with new materials, creating alterations that preserve traces of the building’s history. New façades echo the built rhythms of surrounding Bay Village.
69 Church Street - Historical Photo
69 Church Street - Historical Print
69 Church Historical Photo
69 Church St Elevation
69 Church St Elevation
69 Church - First Floor Plan
69 Church St - 2nd and 3rd Floor Plans
69 Church St - 4th Floor Plan
69 Church Street - Perspective Render
69 Church St Facade Diagram
69 Church St - Facade Study

About the Residences

In Historic Bay Village

Embracing the challenge of respecting the Bay Village Historic District while also recognizing Boston as a vibrant, continuously evolving city, the design approach celebrates the fragments of history collected within the site. Archival research contributed to the spirit of the redesign and development. The building at 67-69 Church St has historically featured two conjoined structures: an upper-warehouse for film equipment and a street-level bar. More recently, a restaurant occupied the street-level space. Staying true to the original intention of the building, the materials and style applied for this project are complementing the original structure while adding a modern touch. The base of the building will be restored as a commercial space, and two new stories will accommodate five residential units. The cornice line on the second floor is being restored, while new façades pick up on built rhythms of Bay Village. Civil engineers and geotechnical engineers helped to provide an understanding of the layer of urban fill underneath the site. The design allows for comfortable contemporary life to unfold within a rich field of historic fragments and cultural conditions, while tying the project to neighboring redevelopments.

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