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Down Under Yoga

Brookline, MA

Fitness center interior renovation, 800 sf
Completion: 2013

Project Overview

A yoga studio in the upscale Brookline neighborhood outside of Boston. The space harnesses light, natural materials, and open-floor plans to create a sense of calm while respecting existing historic site conditions.

Project Team

Hansy Better Barraza
Anthony J. Piermarini

Mechanical Engineer

Norian / Siani Engineering Inc.

Structural Engineer

Siegal Associates

General Contractor

Aldor Corporation


John Horner

Warm Lighting

Custom Fixtures, Glowing Ambience

Lighting is central to this space. The two yoga studios feature custom solar-inspired light fixtures which produce a natural glowing ambiance ideal for a meditative space. These are complimented by rows of custom wall-mounted uplighting that conceal distracting wiring and fixtures. The overall effect is warming and introspective.

Natural Materials

Birch Wood Benches

Custom benches made of beautiful, repurposed wooden planks supported by birch tree trunks line the entry space

Historic Meets Modern

Limestone Façade, Modern Frame Windows

The historic limestone façade is preserved, while a renovated exterior accommodates modern aluminum frame windows to invite additional natural light into the space.

About the Yoga Studio

In Brookline

The design goal for Down Under School of Yoga in Brookline was to create a tranquil space that would facilitate a mindful yoga practice for students. The site features an open reception area and two separate yoga studios. Repurposed birch tree trunks support beautiful wood planks in the entry space for a grounding, earth-forward feel, while a custom metal railing leads from the ground floor to the sub-level. In the studios, custom solar-inspired light fixtures produce a natural glowing ambiance ideal for a meditative space. A renovated exterior accommodates modern aluminum frame windows, inviting additional natural light while preserving the historic limestone façade.