Studio Luz Architecture and Urban Design

Harpoon Tap Room
Boston Logan

Boston, MA

Harpoon’s Airport Location; 1,400 sf
Completion: 2022

Project Overview

A ubiquitous space for travelers in Boston’s Logan Airport to gather over Harpoon Brewery’s signature craft beers, the company’s newest location retains familiar design features from our previous work on Harpoon’s Visitor’s Center in Boston’s Seaport District with added ease and accessibility.

We took this opportunity to connect deeper with Harpoon Brewing to create an authentic brand narrative that was easily translatable in this transient location. Fostering a strong relationship through collaboration and creative problem solving, we worked with Harpoon’s team to deliver a design that celebrated the brand, the community, and the brewing process.

Project Team

Hansy Better Barraza
Anthony J. Piermarini
Sang Ho Ju
Iris Kim
Ivan Tae
Ben Tulman

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
& Fire Protection Engineer

Allied Consulting Engineering

Structural Engineer:

Structures Workshop Inc.

Lighting Consultant:

LAM Partners Inc

Kitchen Consulting

Tri-Mark USA
Real Foods Inc


Commodore Builders


Jane Messinger



Expanding the location to twice its original size, we incorporated iconic features of Harpoon’s flagship locations as well as experimented with a natural and authentic material palette to modernize the space. Utilizing Steel and Spalted Maple Wood sourced from Vermont Wildwoods, we sustained brand identity across multiple locations while pushing the boundaries to provide a unique and memorable experience for customers.



One of the essential focuses for the brand was that of personal connection and time spent with friends and strangers alike. With this goal in mind for the social ease of the space, we composed the architecture to frame social activities. Implementing large halo light fixtures which leave the space softly and fully illuminated, high top tables for travelers in a rush, and large European-style beer hall tables for those looking for a more leisurely communal experience, there is something for everyone in this design.



Using architecture and design to reinforce Harpoon’s brand identity and a sense of continuity was an essential focus of our process. Airports take on a liminality that can negatively impact brands as travelers pass through without being firmly planted in the brand’s intended experience. We worked against this trend through intentional material expression and close collaboration with Harpoon’s team to deliver a final design that ties strongly to the brand’s ethos and core tenants of friendship and equity.

About the Brewery

In Logan Airport

Local Boston brewers at Harpoon Brewery have been crafting the perfect sip of beer since 1986. While already a household name along the New England coast, the brand is now shaking hands with travelers from all over the globe with their new location in Boston’s Logan Airport. Studio Luz transformed the compact 1,400 sq. ft. space into a special nook for beer lovers, friends, and strangers to connect over a shared appreciation of Harpoon’s fine selection.

Our second project with the team at Harpoon Brewing, this project encouraged us to experiment with brand messaging – balancing an authentic experience within the boundaries of the brewery’s unique location and clientele. Utilizing industrial elements such as exposed steel structure and wood trellis, an L-shaped bar and large communal tables, and offering a peek behind the curtain at the keg operations, the dynamic space makes use of every square foot to create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

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