Studio Luz Architecture and Urban Design

Little Harpeth Brewery at Nashville International Airport

Nashville, TN

Little Harpeth Brewery’s Airport Location: 1,564sq ft
Completion: 2022

Project Overview

Little Harpeth Brewing believes in preserving the past while enjoying the present. Blending the craft of traditional German lagers with the history of pre-prohibition beer in Middle Tennessee, they work to serve their community with the finest beer possible. Tapping into their local ties, we worked to preserve the brand’s heritage and influence in this new environment through intentional design and material expression.

Project Team

Hansy Better Barraza
Anthony J. Piermarini
Ben Tulman
Liem Than
Ivan Tae

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
& Fire Protection Engineer

I.C Thomasson Associates, Inc.

Structural Engineer:

Logan Patri Engineering

Equipment Consultant:

Realfood Hospitality Strategy & Design

Lighting Designer:

TM Light


Wellspring Builders

Kitchen Consulting

Real Foods Inc


Jane Messinger



An opportunity to deepen community connection and brand awareness, Little Harpeth Brewing’s location within BNA provided an international stage for a local company of quality. Looking to bring the literal and metaphorical flavors of middle Tennessee to travelers from all over the globe, we worked with their team to translate the success of their original warehouse location into this transient space with added flare and capabilities. Embracing the brand’s charm and history, we maintained and expanded upon their identity through close collaboration and strategic design.



Bringing the spirit of Nashville into the space, hosting live music events was an essential consideration for this location. At their previous warehouse location, there was ample room for local artists to perform. To encourage that festive atmosphere in this 1,564sq ft lot, we implemented moveable, stackable tables to clear floor space if needed, and workable track lighting that could be refocused to light the impromptu “stage” for performing guests. Accompanied by stringed bulb lighting overhead, the space maintains a comfortable and inviting warmth akin to a backyard barbeque in the neighborhood.



After visiting Little Harpeth Brewing’s previous location along the namesake river in Tennessee – we were inspired by the warehouse itself and the industrial, pragmatic style the company adopted. Utilizing palette racks traditionally used solely for storage to canopy the bar and serve as the structural basis of the classic communal bar tables, patrons connect easily to the approachable and genuine nature of the brand’s ethos. Enclosing the space, the walls of the structure are crafted from metal and recessed in pockets to display Little Harpeth’s decorative cans which alternate per select brew and season.

About the Brewery


Dedicated to crafting quality beers and serving their local community, Little Harpeth Brewery worked with Studio Luz to expand their brand’s ethos into their newest location within Nashville International Airport. The design for this space balances a classic industrial look with the down-to-earth nature of the company to create an experience that is wholly authentic to international and domestic travelers alike.

Upholding the connection between Little Harpeth and their consumers, we incorporated elements such as palette racks and indented metal siding to create a sense of familiarity and ground the brand in the location which is central to their work. Complemented by communal bar tables and flexible lighting and seating options which facilitate live music performances, this location inspires a sense of connection between travelers as they enjoy cultural experiences around food and drink which are native to the region.

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