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Providence Foods Marketplace

Wellesley, MA

New Public Market and Educational Facility, 12,000 sf interior, 2,600 sf exterior
Completion: TBD/Study Design Visioning

Project Overview

The Providence Foods Marketplace will be a dynamic public market for farmers, producers, vendors, and visitors. Situated in historic Fox Point, the new community-minded space will foster a culture of education and appreciation for foods and goods produced locally in Providence.

Project Team

Hansy Better Barraza
Anthony J. Piermarini
Das Artiges
Ellen Woodsbie
Hanhan Luo



Historic Fox Point is one of Providence’s oldest neighborhoods. Established in 1680, the area was a bustling seaport for nearly 250 years. Now primarily an industrial waterfront, the neighborhood’s recent history has been shaped by its diverse immigrant communities, the presence of Interstate-I95, and the development of India Point Park.



The new marketplace is intended to create a vibrant space authentic to Providence and grounded in the education and appreciation of food. A central multi-purpose space used for educational and public lectures and cooking demonstrations is enclosed by sliding glass panels. This allows for easy separation from vendors and visitors while maintaining the bustling community feel.



The open-air design allows vendors and visitors to mingle together in light and fresh air while sampling Providence’s delicacies. A large fabric-covered truss roof houses the entire marketplace, allowing for a covered outdoor market that opens up into the surrounding community.
Providence Market - Site Plan
Providence Market - Perspective
Providence Market - Diagram
Providence Market - Diagram
Providence Market - Entry View
Providence Market - Overview
Providence Market - Perspective View

About the Space


This schematic design for the City of Providence sought to create a vibrant place of connection for the diverse food community in Providence. Designed to accommodate local farmers, food producers, restaurant vendors, and food trucks, as well as local residents and visitors, the market features a wide range of spaces. The goal is to facilitate a shared experience of food education, production, preparation, and appreciation. Vendor stalls in a variety of sizes and configurations engage visitors throughout the space. A multi-use entertainment space and demo-kitchen are made accessible to the surrounding market through a system of sliding glass doors. The integration of garage doors along a periphery wall enables the one side of the market to open up to the street. A large fabric-covered truss roof houses the entire project, allowing for a covered outdoor market that opens up into the surrounding community.

As a publicly supported enterprise, the market is intended to foster community connections, serve as an economic generator, and become a contributing revitalization project for the City of Providence.

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