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The Big Hammock

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Boston, MA

Public Art Installation
Completion: 2010

Project Overview

A dynamic and high-profile installation at The Greenway in Boston. The Big Hammock created a unique way for the community to interact with and experience the urban and historical settings.

Project Team

Hansy Better Barraza
Anthony J. Piermarini
Andy Wise
Ruth Bohn
Michelle Mizioch
Myla Tak
Chelsea Plumb
Carlos Villamil
Jesen Tanadi
Taijasa Jordan
Allie Surdovel
Antonia Better-Wirz
Ann Woods
Eun Joo Kim
John Carli
Kate Cho
Stefan Di Leo
Phillip Glenn
Christine Tan

Structural Engineer

Structures Workshop


John Horner

Public Production

A Living Performance

Local artisans and community members wove the hammock onsite at The Greenway over the course of four days, creating a living performance of the dynamics between labor and consumption.

Innovative Material Use

100% Recycled Pet Rope

The Big Hammock was woven using 100% recycled PET rope made from discarded plastic bottles. The completed structure measured 8 feet wide by 33 feet long.

Hammocks in the Arts

Cultural History

There is a rich cultural history of hammocks. Readings and events connected to the installation educated the public about the history of hammocks within indigenous culture and the arts.

About the Big Hammock

at Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

The challenge in creating The Big Hammock was to construct an expansive hammock as not only a sculptural expression, but also as an interactive installation that expanded the public’s understanding of craft and production. BR+A+CE designed and developed the hammock, which was woven by local artisans out of 100% recycled PET rope. The rope measured 2550 feet (warp) and 1728 feet (weft), for a total of 4278 feet – more than five times longer than the Boston Hancock Tower is tall. A self-supporting steel frame suspended the hammock three feet off the ground. The installation facilitated a unique way for residents and visitors to engage with the urban and historical settings, creating a common social ground where an individual’s weight, size, and position could interact in concert with other bodies.

BR+A+CE: Building Research + Architecture + Community Exchange is a 501(c)3 non-profit community organization co-founded by the Principals of Studio Luz Architects. The Big Hammock project was donated to BR+A+CE in order to be brought to other public sites.